Seeds of Freedom: Planting hope

Years of studying and trying to publicize the issue of GMO crops has left me deeply troubled about this “scientific wonder” but I have to admit until I watched Seeds of Freedom, concepts such as biodiversity, bio patents and food sovereignty remained fairly abstract. Things are now significantly clearer thanks to this film’s many interviews with small-hold farmers who have been directly affected by using GMO seed and the radical changes in growing practices it brings.

Richly narrated by Jeremy Irons, Seeds of Freedom features lush photography and an engaging, personalized story. Its producers have avoided preaching and opted to go with a series of interviews with the farmers themselves, filled out with more interviews with leading experts and some well placed archive footage. The presentation is very matter of fact but the story of greed, deception and danger surrounding GMO crops is dramatic enough and doesn’t need to be played up.

If that last statement has you scratching your head – aren’t GMO crops supposed to save the planet? – Seeds of Freedom will give you the facts you need to make an informed decision in just over 30 minutes. It doesn’t debate laboratory science but rather brings you up close and personal with people caught in the GMO seed trap. The results speak volumes.

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Watch Seeds of Freedom on its own Web site (running time: 30:13)

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  1. Edith says:

    this is wonderful. I’m not very techhie but is there somehow I can save it on my computer. some of my friends don’t have them to watch it .

  2. Kym says:

    Sure Edith. Go here:

    Under the window, there is a button that says Download. Click that and then click the type of file you want to download and it should all happen automatically. If your Net connection is a bit slow, the SD type is probably best. Hope it goes ok.

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