Scrawny to Brawny: Muscle building course

The book that started the S2B course

Do a Net search for ways to build muscle and you will find literally thousands – more like hundreds of thousands – of different books and courses. Many of them provide solid information and will help you get the job done but obviously there is still the question of where to start, particularly if you are new to the idea that even extremely skinny guys can get big with the right approach.

This is assuming your goal here is to increase your actual “mass,” for whatever reason. Naturally there is an overlap but size and strength aren’t necessarily the same thing. If you look at top gymnasts, triathletes, martial artists, etc., these are some very functionally strong individuals but they are also very streamlined. Even many “scrawny” yoga practitioners are incredibly strong.

It’s worth considering. I spent a lot of time lifting heavy stuff before I realized I valued a balance of strength and mobility and switched to mostly body weight training. If you need help figuring out a direction, take a look at Precision Nutrition’s Scrawny to Brawny five-day crash course (links sent by e-mail), which provides a comprehensive overview of how to get larger safely without using bucket loads of supplements.

In the latest version of the course, Nate Green has replaced uber-nutritionist Dr. John Berardi as presenter and the format has been pared down to focus on essential actionable items. You will probably need about 10 minutes each day to watch the short video and read through the useful additional PDF resources. There are also downloadable transcripts and MP3 audios of each lesson.

You can find more details about the course, Nate Green and Dr. Berardi on the Scrawny to Brawny site, along with two other valuable free e-books (links below). Not interested in getting big but like free fitness information? Precision Nutrition has become basically the most successful online body transformation company around and also offers fat loss crash courses as well as courses for fitness pros and athletes.

Resources and other details
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