Thrive Forward: In-depth nutrition course

When I heard Brendan Brazier was taking down his Thrive in 30 Web site, my first instinct was to head over and download all the lessons. It was a great course – actually much better than some material I have paid good money for. Happily though, Brendan’s new site, Thrive Forward, is also excellent, offering significantly expanded content plus a glossy new format, and all for the same winning price of $0.00.

In total, Thrive Forward features 31 short video lessons (see above) plus a wealth of supplementary materials, including extra readings, recipes, references, yoga moves, quizzes and other tools. Topics covered range from an introduction to nutrition basics to eating for energy, longevity and weight control, along with digestion, mood, sleep… You get the idea: it’s really extensive.

One point to note is that Brendan advocates a plant-based diet. He credits it for helping him become an elite ironman triathlete so you can understand why. But whatever your diet preferences, there is a lot of useful wellness information here. Brendan definitely knows his stuff: he is also the author of the excellent Thrive series of books as well as the formulator of award-winning Vega products.

Thrive Forward does require a sign-up but the course videos can still be viewed on YouTube without registering. You will, however, miss out on the additional materials. If you are looking for information specifically on fat loss, also check out Dr. John Berardi’s crash courses for men and women.

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